‘Alien’ cat Instagram star suffers from genetic eye disorder – TomoNews

VANCOUVER — The cat with alien eyes of Instagram fame started having swollen eyes after turning 1 year old due to a genetic disorder known as spontaneous lens luxation.

Matilda the cat had to see an eye specialist, who told her owners that their pet might eventually have to undergo surgery to remove both eyes.

When the owners adopted Matilda, the cat had regular eyes, but then her eyes started having noticeable problems. The lenses in both of the cat’s eyes detached, making them blind and swollen. Matilda’s owners took the cat to several veterinarians and used different treatments before they could identify the disorder.

The owners started a GoFundMe page to pay for the cat’s medical treatment, and reached the goal of $2,500 in a few days. Now, the owners have started another crowdfunding campaign for cats with similar genetic problems.

Source (Youtube): TomoNews US