Children Discover Abandoned, Newborn Kittens in The Bushes

Nikki (8,) Jordan (15,) and Justin (12,) were on their way home from playing at the park when they heard high-pitched screams coming from the bushes. That’s when they discovered 4 tiny, newborn kittens – alone and starving. What they do next makes them heroes.

The 4-day-old kittens still had their eyes closed when they were crying and trying to clamor out of their nest. The children put the kittens back in their nest knowing Momma might return. They waited and waited but she didn’t.

They knew time was against them. It was getting late and the kittens were still crying and certainly hungry. Nikki got her mom who tried to feed the kittens as best she could. Knowing she was in over her head, she reached out to Cats at the Studios and Cheri who specializes in bottle babies.

It was Academy Awards night and Cheri for once wasn’t taking care of a litter of kittens – well, that is until the phone rang. Within an hour, Cheri was able to coordinate a pick-up for the kittens. But, by the time the kittens reached her, it was already too late for one kitten that was gasping for its last breath.

Cheri held it in her hands as it passed in peace. Then she went to work to save the lives of the other three kittens that were likely stressed and starving from not having their mother’s milk.

Nine weeks later, aptly named Oscar, Brie and Leo are thriving. All three turned out to be Siamese and are beautiful. They went to their forever homes at their first adoption fair.

Source (Youtube): PAWsitive
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