Japanese “cat burglar” stole in the name of feline love

Mamoru Demizu, a 48-year-old unemployed man from Izumi City, Osaka was strongly suspected of breaking into a number of flats to steal 32 pieces of jewellery and cash worth 19.2 million yen (USD $187,000) in total He had committed burglaries for more than one year since September 2012 for the sake of feeding as many as 120 stray cats. He was busted for theft this past Wednesday.

He was believed to have fed kitchen scraps to homeless kitties since May 2011. He became jobless in August 2011. Since then he had been living on his girlfriend’s financial support, but the number of cats he picked up had increased sharply over the next two years. He spent 30,000 yen (USD $300) renting a warehouse to feed 20 cats and fed another 100 cats in 10 different places such as parks and parking lots. It took 25,000 yen (US$ 250) a month to satisfy all the feline’s appetites.

The suspect confessed to all charges during questioning, and said that he couldn’t afford the feeding expense so he came up with burglaries as the solution. He also said he was cloud nine whenever he held these cats in between his arms.

Source (Youtube): TomoNews US