Kitten born with no bones in her front legs

Poor Petal the five-month-old rescue kitten is finding it difficult to her best foot forward — she was born with the bones missing from her front legs. The floppy feline suffers from a rare condition which meant when she was born her ulna and radius bones, which connect the upper half of her front legs to her paws, were missing. She crawls around commando style on her front ‘elbows’ and is beginning to develop extra strength in her back legs so she can sit up “like a squirrel”. But she won’t be left out on a limb. She has been taken in by caring Kerry Bowler, 35, of Perth, who has four other cats including one, Honey, who suffers from the same condition, Radial Agenesis. And she said Petal could soon be as mobile as Honey, who is now able to jump higher than her other cats.

Source (Youtube): SWNS TV