Pink cat alive! Elena Lenina may sue media who said she dyed her cat dead

After western media outlets published a story saying a cat dyed pink for a ‘pink party’ died, the cat’s original owner, Russian writer Elena Lenina is considering suing media outlets for defamation after she released pics that appear to show her ‘dead’ pink kitten alive and well, albeit now a less vivid hue of pink.

Elena says no foreign reporter actually called her to ask if her pink kitten was really dead, and it turns out, the pink cat scandal had already blown over in Russia after Elena went on local TV to prove she was no cat murderer.

But the western press, it seems, only recently stumbled onto the story and after claims of “kitten killing,” UK papers The Daily Mail and the Metro have had to do a little crow eating.

Elena wants to know if all of us in the media are sorry for calling her an idiot. Well, we’re sorry for inferring your cat died. But while we’re glad the cat is allegedly alive, this person is still guilty of dying it pink, meaning she might not be Cruella deVil, but she’s still a moron.

Source (Youtube): TomoNews US