Sad cat stories that will make you cry; sad cat videos: cats rescued & more – cat compilation

For the full video regarding the man who poured boiling water on a cat, click here:

1. Bart the “Zombie Cat” is back in the news again, and this time its because his owner is accusing the Humane Society of Tampa Bay of kidnapping his resurrected kitty for publicity.

2. A selfless passerby who saved a cat trapped on a busy highway is being hailed as a hero.

3. A Texas veterinarian has been fired after posting to Facebook about how she killed a cat with a bow and arrow.

4. Bart the cat is one lucky Florida feline. In a storyline straight out of the movie Pet Sematary, Bart was dead and buried – literally. But miraculously he turned up alive and well a few days later after being put to rest.

5. After western media outlets published a story saying a cat dyed pink for a ‘pink party’ died, the cat’s original owner, Russian writer Elena Lenina is considering suing media outlets for defamation after she released pics that appear to show her ‘dead’ pink kitten alive and well, albeit now a less vivid hue of pink.

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