Sunny has 12 cats and 3 dogs and they’re all adopted strays

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Meet Sunny. She loves her pets and has 12 cats and 3 dogs.

Sunny’s first pet was a tiny gray kitten who fell from the roof of her apartment building. After that Sunny took in another cat to keep her first one company. Then another, and another, and another.

Sunny says she only adopts stray cats, ones she finds on the street or sometimes ones that are brought to her by friends.

In fact, her first dog was brought to her by some elderly residents. They had noticed the dog wandering around the neighborhood, but wouldn’t take in the stray because he had white paws.

Black dogs with white paws are considered bad luck according to Chinese superstitions. Dogs with white paws are thought to carry or lead misfortune back to their owner’s homes, but lucky cats are considered protectors who defend their owners from misfortune.

Sunny explained that’s why her neighbors gave her the dog, since they figured she had enough cats to protect her from any evil spirits that may come a’knockin’.

Sunny says the only bad spirit might be her boyfriend, who on occasion when he has to drag 10 pound bags of cat food up 5 flights of stairs, but then his bad mood goes away as soon as he plays with one of the cats. So maybe that old superstition has some truth to it.

Source (Youtube): TomoNews US
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