This Kitten Was Found In A Box Along With Heartbreaking Note

A woman found a box containing a beautiful kitten—and a heartbreaking note. The boldness of a child is giving one kitten a second chance at a decent life. The kitten was left alone in a small box containing a note that read: “My mommy’s boyfriend is mean to me. Desperet for loving home.” A woman happened upon the box while out walking her dog, who curiously sniffed at it. She followed her dog’s lead and opened the box, finding the little cat inside. The woman brought the kitten home and then took her to a veterinarian to make sure she was okay. After everything more or less checked out, she asked MEOW Cat Rescue to take her in. The animal shelter was more than happy to do so and the kitten is now being fostered in a home with other cats her age.

Source (Youtube): GeoBeats News