This Purple-Dyed Cat Was Likely Used As ‘Chew Toy’ For Another Animal

A cat named ‘Smurf’ was dyed purple and allegedly used as a chew toy for another animal. After being rescued and cared for, he appears to be doing much better.

An abused cat named Smurf is now recovering. The seven-week-old kitten weighed just 1.75 pounds when he was brought in to the Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, California. According to the foundation, Smurf had apparently been dyed with purple ink and likely “used as a chew toy for a larger animal”—probably a dog. He had 20 deep lacerations, most of which are currently healing, though surgery will still be required for some wounds, reports San Jose Mercury News. The animal was discovered in a box with purple rags and lemon slices before being taken to the shelter, given baths, shaved and put on an antibiotic regime. Smurf is expected to be put up for adoption in the weeks to come.

Source (Youtube): GeoBeats News