Three-Eared Cat Finds His Way To A Rescue Center In England

A three-eared cat is currently being cared for by a cat rescue center in England. It’s the first time the center has ever seen such a cat.

Rescue organizations come across all kinds of cats but one named ‘Brian’ has been drawing a great deal of attention. The three-eared cat recently found his way to an animal rescue center in Norfolk, England. Brian had been setting off alarms at a tire shop down the road from Feline Care Cat Rescue and was eventually caught in one of their traps. Staff at the center expected the troublemaker to be one of their cats, but were surprised to find a new addition with a distinct mutation. Molly Farrar, the manager of the cat center, said, “He’s obviously very distinctive with his extra little ear so someone must be missing him or recognize him. We see all sorts of cats here but Brian is by far the most unusual, he is something special.” According to the Telegraph, “If Brian’s owners are not found then he will be put up for adoption.”

Source (Youtube): GeoBeats News