Two cops save kitten from drain pipe using half-eaten burrito

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — Two Fresno cops found a kitten trapped inside a storm drain on Tuesday morning and used a half-eaten burrito to help in the animal’s rescue.

Parlier police officers Jimenez and Officer Corona were unable to grab the animal, so they decided to coax the animal out instead. They tried making cat noises and used a flashlight, but to no avail. It wasn’t until they pulled out some Tex-Mex, that the little furball moved.

A post to the Parlier Police Department’s Facebook page shows the video of the rescue and says the animal was turned over to Animal Control following the incident.

Officer Corona seemed especially enamored by the adorable little feline and is hoping to adopt it. He’s even got the purr-fect name for it: Burrito.

Source (Youtube): TomoNews US
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