Unstoppable Kitten Refuses to Listen to Doctors Defying The Odds

Cheri, a bottle-baby kitten specialist/foster at Cats at The Studios based in Los Angeles, California, thought she was just getting another kitten to foster. But when she laid eyes on Ace, a black and white 6 week old kitten, her heart melted.

His condition was dire. Ace had been run over by a car in Downey, California and taken to the local shelter. The doctors at the shelter did an assessment and thought amputation would be the quickest solution to the injury. A volunteer from Cats at The Studios immediately “pulled” Ace from the shelter, not knowing what to do next.

Cheri fostered Ace and took it upon herself to get a second, third and forth opinion. What the doctors discovered is that Ace had an underlying, inherent heart condition. He had two holes in his heart causing it to beat harder, faster than a normal heart. The prognosis was grim. He could die at any time and the doctors told her to prepare for the worst.

In tears, Cheri couldn’t help but fall in love with Ace. So, like many do, she became a foster failure.

It has been nearly a year since filming this story and Cheri and Ace continue to do well. Today, Ace is now a proud Foster Dad to the many, many, many kittens that come through Cheri’s doors. It seems both are devoted to each other and the cause of helping needy kittens.

Source (Youtube): PAWsitive
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